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Work from Home? Plan the Perfect Ideal Office Posted: 3rd June 2019

Whether you work from home or want to create a great space for your children to study in, a well planned home office can help you to be more productive and add an attractive feature to your home. Here are our tips for planning your home office.

A functional space

Your home office needs to be a practical area but somewhere you enjoy spending time. By enjoying where you work you’ll be more productive. The first step is to choose a desk you love and a chair that is functional and comfortable. After all, sitting on the sofa or at the kitchen table is not only bad for your back and neck, it can also add to your stress.

If you use a laptop, consider investing in a monitor so that you aren’t looking down for hours on end and placing additional strain on your neck.

When choosing your desk, look at your interior design and try and tie it in. There are many great websites including Made.com, Swoon, Jonn Lewis and Wayfair to help you choose the right desk – just make sure you don’t go too small or big. Make your work area personal with photographs and nice touches but with a place to keep all your files and paperwork.

Embrace current trends

Add some accessories to give our work area a theme and to tie in elements of your interior design. This summer the Pantone colour of the year is living coral so look for some accessories such as a lamp or pen pot to introduce this theme – or if your home has neutral tones consider a desk in a dark contrasting colour. The most relaxing colour has been revealed as dark blue – so this could be an option when choosing the decor for your office. You can even introduce the velvet trend in your desk chair to tie in with other elements of your room and go bold with a nice bright colour.

Consider the available space

If you don’t have enough space for a dedicated office, take a look at the space you do have. Is there somewhere that would lend itself to a desk and nice table lamp? You can put a desk in a living room, hallway or even under the stairs. You could even look at converting your garage or creating a working office out in your shed!  All it takes is some vision and clever design and you can create a space that feels separate from the room in which to work.

Use space saving furniture such as a stool or folding chair to keep it streamlined. There are also some amazing space saving desks available with features that expand or pull out for when it’s in use.  If your have room, go large – this will be a great place to store paperwork and help with the smooth running of your home.


Try and ensure you’re working with as much natural light as possible as this will keep you alert and motivated. If you can put your desk near a window, try to do so otherwise use a lamp with a daylight bulb.

Bring the outside in

Plants have been proven to reduce stress, make you more alert and help you to relax.  Plants are a fantastic addition to any home office and help to create a tranquil environment to help you stay focused while you’re busy at work. Not only do they look good, but they can actually help improve the air quality in the room.



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