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Get Fully Furnished! Posted: 30th March 2022

Property Staging We recently used the services of Get Fully Furnished to furnish a flat we are selling in Shawlands. Claire and Ronnie run the company offering furniture packages to vendors, property professionals and landlords. Whether you’re looking to rent, sell or develop a property, Get Fully Furnished can provide anything from single items of […]read more>>

Did You Extend Your Home During Lockdown? Posted: 21st March 2022

During the pandemic, we saw a ‘working from home’ boom with most office wokers, students and school children working over zoom and online. Remote working became the norm and to facilitiate this, homeowners did one of two things. A large proportion of people sold their property in exchange for a home with more inside and […]read more>>

House Prices Rise at Fastest Rate Since 2007 Posted: 9th March 2022

According to the latest figures from the Halifax House Price Index, house prices went up by 10.8% on an annual basis in February 2022. This is the fastest rate of growth for 15 years when house prices went up by 11.9% on an annual basis in 2007. This now means that the average gain since […]read more>>