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Government Incentivising Older People to Downsize Their Homes

Posted: 31st March 2017

In a bid to address the housing crisis and free up larger homes for first time buyers and families, the UK Government is incentivising older people to downsize. Ministers have pledged to make it easier for pensioners to move into high-quality sheltered accommodation by increasing construction of new specialised housing and helping elderly home owners […] ...read more >>

Nicol Estate Agents Property Round-up, March 2017

Posted: 29th March 2017

The housing market in East Renfrewshire had a buoyant start this year and we believe this will continue throughout 2017. In many local ares, we have seen a shortage of property with demand outstripping supply, resulting in more closing dates and premium prices been achieved, and in some cases, the highest prices achieved in many […] ...read more >>

What is the Best Way to Deal with Fixtures and Fittings

Posted: 17th March 2017

When it comes to property sales, being clear on what you will take with you when you move and what is included in the sale price will make for a much smoother transaction. The area of fixtures and fittings can and has lead to some debate during the selling/buying process, so clear communication is always […] ...read more >>

Pros and Cons of Open-Plan Living

Posted: 10th March 2017

Open-plan living has risen in popularity in recent years. We’re seeing it in many new, modern developments as well as in conversions of period properties. Whilst traditional homes were designed with separate rooms, each of which had its own specific function, the move toward open-plan space is more in tune with the way most people […] ...read more >>

Is There a Best Season to Sell Your Home?

Posted: 1st March 2017

Springtime is assumed by most people to be the best season to sell your home, and with good reason. The leaves have returned to the trees, gardens are in full bloom, and the milder weather makes it more pleasant when out and about viewing properties. Everything just starts to look better and there’s more natural […] ...read more >>