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Are You Ready to Downsize? Posted: 15th October 2019

Knowing when it’s time to downsize can be difficult and it’s not something you can rush into. As you get older you may want a home that is easier to maintain, closer to amenities and within easy reach of friends and family. Downsizing can give your life fresh perspective, allowing you to enjoy new hobbies, […]read more>>

Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden Posted: 8th October 2019

There are several ways to be green in the garden and make your outside space more environmentally friendly. Water Water is an essential resource and a valuable one at that – every drop should count in your garden. Use a drip feed system to reduce the waste and ensure that water is directed into the […]read more>>

Selling Your Home as The Brexit Deadline Looms Posted: 3rd October 2019

Buyers who are looking for a new property as we edge towards the October 31st Brexit deadline have strong negotiating opportunities according to new data from Rightmove. Autumn activity We are into the start of the autumn activity typically that typically starts when the children go back to school. However, prices in the UK have […]read more>>