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Selling your Home at Christmas Posted: 4th December 2022

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of choosing when to sell our home. Life often gets in the way, and we may need to put our home on the market due to our careers, relationships, family, schooling or financial reasons. Although it’s not traditionally seen as the best time to sell – you may be surprised that Rightmove figures show a peak on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, with record numbers visiting their site to look at property for sale. This number is rising year on year. Why is this? Because not only do people have time off work over the festive break, but they may also feel that they need more space after having decorations up and guests staying over Christmas and New Year is all about new beginnings.

So why not take advantage of these buyers – and with fewer homes on the market, it’s an excellent opportunity for your property to stand out.

Here are our tips for selling your home at Christmas:

Choose the right agent

Choose a local agent with staff that live locally, so they know the area and can point out the benefits of living in the area and are up to speed on school catchment areas and any local development plans. Also, check out the online reviews to see what sort of experience other sellers have had. Often independent companies are much more invested in your selling experience as they are there to stay!

Set a realistic asking price

Because demand for property in East Renfrewshire is consistently high, agents can often give an overly optimistic property valuation to win your sale. However, a high price can put off buyers and remember in this area, we can achieve some great offers over, so it is only a starting point. You’re also more likely to have more bids if the price is realistic, ultimately pushing the price up.

First impressions count

One of the best ways to ensure you have a chance of selling before Christmas is to make sure it looks its very best and creates the right first impression.

Could you make sure your outside space is neat, tidy and attractive? This can be difficult to do in the winter months with leaves and debris on the ground, but try and rake the leaves and remove any clutter. Also, consider jet-washing your driveway and garden path to smarten it up – it will still help in the winter. If you buy any evergreen potted plants or trees to place in your front garden or next to your front door, remember you can take these with you when you move.

Ensure your door furniture is clean and polished, your doorbell works and your rear garden is in good order.

Make the home welcoming

If you have Christmas decorations up, try and keep them to a minimum and ensure they are in keeping with your décor. Fairy lights and candles make the home seem cosy and welcoming and if you have viewings in the evening or weekend when you’re home, put on the fire if you have one.

Invest in some plants and give any tired rooms a lick of paint. A large mirror in the hallway will accentuate the sense of space and ensure all coats and shoes are put away.

Space is a huge consideration, and you want your viewers to envisage their belongings in your home. Remove any excess furniture and clutter, such as ornaments or overcrowded bookcases.

Let in the light

In the winter months, when the nights draw in, it’s hard to maximise the light in your home. Make sure all light bulbs are working, and turn on overhead lights and any feature lamps. Turn on the extractor fan light and ensure your curtains and blinds are pulled back during the day. Try and arrange viewings for daylight hours if you can.

Whatever your reason for moving; whether it's for extra space, to downsize or you may simply have found your dream home, Nicol can help. Our knowledge of the local property market helps us develop a marketing plan that's right for you and your property.
We want our clients to be delighted with the service we provide. Listening to your needs and understanding your requirements is our starting point. To find out more about our approach to selling homes, download our comprehensive Guide to Selling your Property here.
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