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The best scents for selling your home Posted: 26th June 2023

The best scents for selling your home

Recent surveys suggest that smell is one of the most impactful things for potential buyers during any house viewing and is actually one of the first impressions for visitors entering your property.

This blog post will provide some tips when selling your home, focusing predominantly on scents to attract buyers.

But just what are the nations top picks and what is most likely to paint your home in the best light?


make your property look its best with a deep clean

Make sure to declutter and clean before implementing scents in to your home

It goes without saying though that before you implement any new scents in to your home you must get rid of what is causing the initial odours within your property. This can include pet beds, cooking smells and more, so a deep clean and declutter will be required.


use citrus scents to sell property fast

1/ Citrus scents for their de-stressing qualities

And bonus points if you use citrus scented cleaning products during this process, with lemon, orange and lime all rating highly with potential buyers.

Not only does the fresh scent give the impression of cleanliness, but it also has been known to help de-stress and unwind.


conduct viewings with attractive scents to attract your potential buyer

2/ Pine, bringing a sense of the outdoors and wellbeing

Similarly pine can assist with wellbeing as it brings a feeling of the outdoors inside, making you feel at one with nature and helping to clear your mind.

Use real pine stems or an artificial introduction with the use of diffusers and/or air fresheners.


use fresh flowers to attract more potential buyers

3/ Jasmin for its calming effect

But if authenticity is more your style then why not get some fresh flowers to spread around your home? Jasmin is within the top 5 favoured scents in recent surveys, all down to its calming effect.

When inhaled it has been proven to improve mood, reduce stress and also food cravings.


sell your home quickly by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere with the use of cinnamon

4/ Cinnamon for a sense of warmth

However, if you find fresh flowers overbearing, then cinnamon may be a better choice for you to use within your home.

Use sticks to add a little spice in the air and generate a feeling of warmth and welcomeness.


property advice from estate agents on a quick house sale

5/ Vanilla to relieve stress and anxiety

And the final option within the top 5? Vanilla. A stress reliever and anxiety reducer, it tends to trigger happy memories and elevates the mood of individuals.

Best introduced through candles to have a subtle feel.


Top scents summarised

And there you have it, the top 5 favoured scents within the UK, which can assist in giving the best first impression and selling your house quickly.

The key things to take away from the above property advice? All of the scents above have some positive association to mental wellbeing. By creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere through the introduction of scents, you are subconsciously associating they feelings to your property when conducting house viewings.


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