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Need More Space? Our Renovating Tips Posted: 31st December 2019

Christmas has been and gone and you may have found yourself wishing you had more space! In fact, now is the time that many people take to the property portals to look for a new home given that they have had a house full of visitors, family, decorations and children! If your thoughts are turning to more space, you’ll likely be considering two options. First, to move. Second, to renovate and create more space in your current home. The great thing about the latter option is that you’ll be adding value to your home so that when the time comes that you want to move, you could find that you have maximised the value of your home.

If you decide that you want to move, your first port of call should be Nicol Estate Agents. We are a local, independent and family run agency and will be more than happy to help you talk through the options.

However, if you do decide to create your dream home, maximise the value of your home and stay put for a while whilst creating more space, here are some top tips!

Renovating is a daunting challenge and something that many people want to achieve. There is a lot at stake and the challenge can seem overwhelming.

What do you want to achieve?

Before you do anything or employ anyone, think carefully about what you want. Talk to your partner and family to decide what you want to achieve. It’s important to have a clear vision – think about the home you’re in and what would make it better. Write a wish list of what you want and start from there.

Talk to the experts

Once you have a clear idea of how you want to change your property, it’s time to talk to the experts about what’s possible and how much it will cost. A good architect will be able to maximise your budget and build a valuable property for you to live in.

Have a good rapport with your contractors

Choosing the right contractors isn’t just about their skills and experience, it’s about having someone you have a rapport with and who shares your vision. They need to understand what you want to achieve and why.

Consider the pitfalls

Decide on your budget. This is the most important aspect as it will dictate what you can and can’t achieve. Decide what you want to spend and allow a good contingency as renovation projects usually go over budget. Don’t overstretch yourself and talk to your contractors about what you can cut back on and what you mustn’t skimp on.

Don’t just consider the inside

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside, something that is often overlooked. When you come to sell your home first impressions are key.

Making your home more sustainable

Our past building decisions are affecting the world’s wildlife and polluting the world with plastic at an alarming rate. We all need to reduce our carbon footprint and engage in recycling schemes so make sure your contractors are on board with this.


Allow enough budget for technology – find out what’s out there that can make your home more efficient and bring your home into the digital age.


Whatever your reason for moving; whether it's for extra space, to downsize or you may simply have found your dream home, Nicol can help. Our knowledge of the local property market helps us develop a marketing plan that's right for you and your property.
We want our clients to be delighted with the service we provide. Listening to your needs and understanding your requirements is our starting point. To find out more about our approach to selling homes, download our comprehensive Guide to Selling your Property here.
If you are planning on selling your home, contact Nicol Estate Agents today for an appraisal of your property. Our Managing Director Douglas Nicol and Estate Agent and Valuer Daniel Cohen carry out hundreds of market appraisals every year, giving them an intimate and unparalleled knowledge of the property market in Glasgow, from city centre apartments to family homes and building plots. We will talk to you about the property market in your area, compare sales evidence, local demand for similar properties, outline our tailored marketing plan and provide details of our sales support strategy right through to completion.