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Planning the Perfect Storage – Get Organised This Summer! Posted: 22nd July 2019

The benefits of becoming organised are endless; the main one being that there are less household chores to do. However, in order to maintain a tidy home environment, it is important to have sufficient storage in place to maximize space, this includes how you divide your cupboards and drawers, and where there allocated space is. Here are some valuable tips on how to make your space thrive and plan effective storage.

The Importance of Positioning

This will help to kick start your storage plan, as the key to good storage is to plan an items whereabouts judiciously, each individual item must have its own personal home, and it must always be returned there whenever it is not in use.

To ensure that items will be returned to their rightful homes place, store them where you intend to use them. For example, have a shoe cupboard positioned next to your front door and that way when people return home they can place their shoes straight into that cupboard and will save you the hassle of doing so later.

Tidying with Ease

Don’t just adapt any old system that you see online to organise your space. Make sure that they way you choose to organise is unique to your own environment and it therefore makes sense. This system has to be maintainable, otherwise you are just going to go back to square one two weeks down the line.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend tidying up, then ensure that your storage plan reflects this. This could be done by simply converting shelf space in your wardrobe to hanging space – its quicker to hang clothing than to meticulously fold clothing until it is perfect.

How to Maximise Space – Door to Door

This method of storage encourages you to make use of the inside of kitchen or bathroom cupboards, as they are often overlooked. It is also a way for you to store the items that you use on the regular in a more accessible position.

You can also use the back of almost any door as a vertical space. You can add a simple hook that can then be used to hand whatever item you see fit – dish towels, hand towels or even over mitts.

Practical and Pretty

There is a taboo surrounding storage and how it can sometimes look unsightly through mundane plastic and cardboard boxes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other ways to create storage space other than through the use of boxes. You can create open shelve fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing or you can even go for cube storage which is fast becoming one of the most resourceful designs around.

Be Box Smart

If you start adding some boxes into your wardrobe then it will gradually begin to look bigger as well as more organised. Rather than squeezing as many items as you can into a single drawer, by adding boxes you are creating more of a space for clothing, and stopping drawers from overflowing. Also clothes that are neatly folded and placed within a box take up less space than those that are sitting messily on a shelf.

Making Your Items Work

When it comes to organising any cupboards you have to ask yourself if the positioning of particular items makes sense. As long as the positioning makes sense to you and works within your environment then you are winning.

Also does it make sense to have lots of packets of the same food? Distribute these packets of food into the one jar, this way it makes it easier to store the product in the long run as you are not having to tidy or store packets in an unsightly manner. To remain on top of this you can label each jar so that you remember what is inside – you can even add a date of entry so that you know when the goods will perish.



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