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Living an environmentally friendly life starts at home! Posted: 3rd August 2018

According to a survey by residential warranty specialist BLP Insurance, 78% of UK homeowners want to live in an environmentally sound building and can be a key driver when choosing a new home.

The results of the survey showed that most people believe that the long-term environmental and sustainable performance of a new home is important, with 25% of those surveyed ranking energy efficient heating and hot water systems as their top priority, followed by double glazing and solar panels.

Environmentally friendly fittings were seen as one of the main advantages of buying a new build home over an older property

Introduced in April this year, and coming into force in April 2019, New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) have drawn even more attention to the energy efficiency of properties, and landlords could even face penalties if they fail to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of at least an E.

So once you’ve bought an environmentally friendly home, here are some other ways to save energy and reduce your energy bills:

Underfloor heating. This is an energy efficient way to heat your home, no matter how old it is.

Loft and cavity wall insulation. Use natural or recycled materials if possible and you’ll find that insulation is a great way to save hundreds on heating bills each year. Another way to insulate is to use thick curtains and blinds.

Recycling. Not only should you be recycling your household waste, you can also buy furniture made from recycled materials.

Water based, natural paint. If possible, use paint that contains natural pigment.

Solar panels. Although they are expensive to install, you can make great long-term savings and can not only use the energy generated in your home but, under a ‘tariff’ system, you can sell it on to the National Grid.

Double glazing. It doesn’t have to be ugly, and can help reduce energy costs in both old and new homes.

Wood framed windows. If you are fitting new windows, wood is not only natural but it’s also easier to repair and surprisingly more insulating.

Keep your boiler serviced. Old boilers are inefficient so think about renewing your boiler every 10 years.

Replace bulbs. Use energy-saving light bulbs.

Monitor your thermostat. Have a smart thermostat fitted and check the temperature of your heating and hot water. Many people have the hot water set too high without consideration, but this is using more energy and by turning your thermostat down by one degree you can save up to £60 per year!

Save water. Apart from being conscious about your water usage on a daily basis, fit a water saving shower head and remember, when boiling water for a cuppa – don’t fill up the kettle!


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