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How to sell a one-of-a-kind home Posted: 28th December 2017

All homes are in some way unique – whether it’s the way they are decorated, the location or floorplan – but some certainly have more individuality than others. One-of-a-kind homes, from converted buildings (think old fire station flats, churches or pump-house conversions) to purpose built projects, houses in really remote locations or that have weird and wonderful layouts, all attract attention. Often, however, it’s only the brave and bold who will actually buy them – the trick is to find and match the unique people for your unique property! We’ve put down some points below to keep in mind when it comes to selling your one of a kind home.

Marketing Plan

Selling a unique home requires a unique marketing plan. Assuming that others will be drawn to and fall in love with your unusual property just because you did is too simple. The fact is, many of your viewers will be intrigued to come and have a look around for the novelty factor but are in fact looking for a more standard practical home when it comes down to the purchase decision. That being said, you shouldn’t shy away from showcasing all the unique aspects to your one-of-a-kind home either. The right person, specifically looking for a home full of character, may just be your next viewer! It’s finding the balance and presenting your home in a way that shows it in its best light – like any seller should aim to do – and pre-guessing any questions or concerns that viewers may have, making sure you have an answer or solution as best you can. Unique homes can have a pull like no other type of home – say someone has always wanted to live in a lighthouse or old railway station – and may be willing to move considerable miles to live their dream. In this sense, it’s a good marketing plan to cast your net wide, not only advertising locally but making the most out of online, press and media and even specialist home retail sites.

Pricing Strategy

It’s important to get as accurate a valuation as possible to place a fair price on your unique property – which can be harder when there are few similar properties to compare to and price against! It makes sense to have a few different agents out in order to compare valuations, as well as looking online for any similar properties and what they are priced at (though keep in mind how location can have a huge effect on value too). Like any property sale process, keeping flexible and responsive is key – if you aren’t attracting the amount of viewers you’d like, perhaps it’s time to think about lowering the asking price. Always keep within an amount you are comfortable with and that you can budget to, taking expert advice before making any decisions on pricing and accepting any offers.

Experienced Agent

Finally, and perhaps the most important step – find yourself the best agent to work with who is experienced in the local market, has reach online and, ideally, has handled unique property before. They can advise you every step of the way, from getting an accurate value, to creating a bespoke marketing plan and even advising on the best way to present your property for viewings. As unique homes usually have a special place in the heart of their owners, it might also make the most sense to have an agent carry out viewings for you – they can then bring their professional sales skills to the table and it avoids your bias getting in the way. A good agent will be able to match the right kind of viewers to your specialist home, and turn any potentially alienating features into unique selling points, helping your property stand out from the crowd.

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