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Decluttering During Lockdown Posted: 28th April 2020

Over the last five weeks we have all spent much more time at home. During this time you may have attempted to sort out any clutter in your home – or you may not even know where to start. Here, Elaine Mcinley from Clear Mountain gives her advice on effectively decluttering your home. Elaine is a Professional Organiser & Lifestyle Management Consultant. She is running a live YouTube show with her colleagues every Wednesday  at 11:00am on the CLUTTERTALK LIVE YouTube channel where they discuss living in lockdown, with special guests each week.

Many clients I work with call me in for help with clutter, but on speaking with them I tend to find there are underlying problems that has caused the clutter to build up in their homes. These can include:

A family break up through divorce, separation, or empty nest syndrome


Trauma including post natal depression or an accident or attack

Medical conditions including fatigue, disability, physical impairment

Anxiety or depression

Understanding clutter

Clutter can take many forms. Physical clutter as in items, mental clutter as in a disorganised mind and brain fog and paper clutter as in paperwork out of control.

Clutter is like noise each person can tolerate a different amount. No one can say what is the right amount as each person needs to feel comfortable with the items that are around them.

Unfortunately when we become stressed, anxious or depressed our judgement on this becomes a little foggy and we tend to let things get out of control.

Most of clients say “I can think properly, my mind is full and I can’t focus”. Just like a room full of clothes, paperwork or items our brains and mind can become cluttered too. Especially if we are dealing with a stressful job, family and home life all at the same time.

Mental Clutter can be very hard to cope with and can effect physical health but by clearing or sorting your home or office environment you can clear the pathway to experience better mental health.

It is amazing the difference I see in clients from my initial consultation through to the end of our Decluttering sessions as there is definitely a clear relationship between your aesthetic environment and how you feel.

Imagine walking into a room full of items, most people feel overwhelmed and sometimes claustrophobic. Now imagine walking into a room with just a few selected items. Immediately you have a feeling of space and freedom. This is how the mind reacts to Clutter.


At Clear Mountain I work on the Swedish Principle of Lagom…’Just the right amount of everything’.

By adopting this principle my clients learn to keep clutter under control. They also learn to manage their lives in a more positive way. Therefor reducing stress in their lives caused by their environment. However it is important to understand that Mental Health is as important as Physical Health and exercise is crucial part of living a Healthy Lifestyle. A clean clear home makes a fantastic environment for Healthy Eating and Living.

I have worked with many clients over the past 10 years and each client is different so as you can imagine no one rule fits all. I work at each clients individual pace and coach them through not only the letting go of clutter but more importantly the things that brought on the clutter in the first place.

It is a privilege to be invited into a clients home and help them through this journey.

Remember a Clear Home helps create a clear mind and decluttering isn’t a destination it’s a journey!

Find out more

If you would like help with decluttering, talk to Elaine today and visit her website to find out more. Don’t forget to tune into the Clutter Talk YouTube channel each Weds!


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