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Going Back to School Guide for Busy Families Posted: 1st August 2019

Summer holidays always seem to arrive slowly and then just fly by – or maybe it’s just us? It is almost time for a new school year and if you are anticipating the first morning of going back to the old routine with a bit of dread, we have prepared the perfect timeline that will help your family transition smoothly to busy school mornings.

A month to two weeks before – Uniforms and kit

You can start gently preparing for a new school year by reviewing the school uniform, buying pieces that your child grew out of. If you are a list person, this is where you will hine: from school backpack, lunchbox, PE kit, shoes, uniform and jackets – make a list of items you need to purchase and start slowly buying them and ticking them off the list.

Two weeks before – Start planning for childcare and extracurricular activities

Who is dropping the children off and picking them up? Are you thinking of getting support from family or pooling resources with other parents? If you haven’t done so already, it is best to start conversations early and sort your weekly routine. Discuss with your children what extra curricular activities they would like to take on or continue and start booking appropriate classes.

A week before – Add everything in a family calendar

If you have an idea of what your routine will look like, add everything into a family calendar master plan. If you are tech savvy, add everything in a Google Calendar that is synced with everyone’s devices – that will save you reminding all family members constantly when and where they should be. But if not, a big wall calendar in the kitchen can work too.

A week before – Start preparing the children

Start talking to the children about the new school year, remind them of their goals at the end of the previous year, chat about their new teachers and routines. Most importantly, try to gently and gradually bring them back to a bed time routine so they are not grumpy and tired from day one.

A few days before – Stock up the fridge and do any last shopping

Lunch boxes, snacks, easy dinners in the freezer might all ease up on stress while everyone is adjusting being back to school. Make boxes for each child with first day’s kit, from socks to water bottle, so everything is easy to find on the day.

To all pupils, school staff and parents – we wish you a fantastic school year and enjoy the last few weeks before the routines all start back up again!

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