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Considering a Move to the Countryside? Posted: 12th June 2019

We all long for clean air, ample space and beautiful surroundings and by moving from the town to country you could also get more property for your money!

Here in East Renfrewshire we have a great balance of city and country living – with fields, beaches, farms and parks right on our doorstep whilst being just 20 minutes from the City Centre and just a little further to Edinburgh. If you are thinking of moving to the country,  there are some practicalities to consider before making a big move, especially if you have grown accustomed to city life.

Location, Location, Location

The location has to be right in order to make a move to a new home. You need to not only consider the life you’ll be living whilst in your new home, but also how easy it will be for an easy resale. Try not to get too caught up on the specifics but look at the property in the broader context. Consider local transport links, local amenities and schools and look into any plans for development in the area. Here in East Renfrewshire the landscape of the countryside has dramatically changed with new homes being built all the time.

Consider renting

If you are thinking of a move to a completely new area, you might want to consider renting first to give an area a trail run and see how you like it, how easy it is to get to work and the amenities that are available to you. It’s a good idea if you aren’t 100% sure you want to move and it gives you a chance to try before you buy!


Like with any big purchase, it’s imperative to make sure you can afford it! Before you get carried away looking at dream properties, take a good look at your finances to work out a realistic price range, helping to narrow down your search. Get a trusted local agent to give an accurate valuation on your current home and speak to a mortgage broker about what you can afford to buy next.

Think about priorities

If you are relocating from the city, think about what you might miss. The convenience to cafes and classes, friends around the corner, a 10 minute train into work? Are you willing to forego these in the pursuit of the fresh air and peace a more rural live might offer? The move will affect not just your life, but your partner and family too, especially if you have children who might have to change schools. Speak to all involved before you come to a consensus and keep the future in mind too. The country might suit now but your situation may change in years to come.

Is country life for you?

Envisage a day in your new country life. No milk for your morning cereal – is there a local shop you can nip to for emergencies? How are you getting to work and what’s the commute time looking like? Work from home, how’s the broadband connection? Friday night takeaway – do they deliver here!? If the weather turns, do you foresee any issues with access in bad snow or flooding due to heavy rain? It’s easy to get swept away by a gorgeous country house, but make sure all the small details of living there won’t add up to a big problem.


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