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Choosing a New Front Door Posted: 4th May 2022

Whether you’re selling your home or staying put for the time being, your front door is the first thing you and your visitors see. That’s why it’s important to make sure it is both functional and attractive. Replacing a warped or weather worn front door with a beautiful new one that matches the era of your home should make an appreciable difference to the value of your property.

If you’re considering changing it, here are some tips to ensure you get it right.

Door types

Your front door needs to be fitted properly, weatherproof, secure and long-lasting. But what material is best? There are several popular options including solid wood, PVC, composite, and aluminium. Although a solid timber wood door is strong, it can warp and expand when exposed to harsh elements such as extreme heat or cold. This can result in draughts and sticking – it will also need regular maintenance. If you have your heart set on wood, choose something that has excellent paint-retention with a smooth, flat grain.

If you’re on a budget, uPVC doors are a great option. However, it’s worth noting that although they are low maintenance, they aren’t the weakest and can suffer from wear, warp and expand or contract with extreme temperatures.

Aluminium doors are strong and give a cool, modern appearance to your home but it’s also important that you choose a door that’s in keeping with the style of your home. This type of door wouldn’t work on a traditional Victorian or Edwardian style home but would work well on a new build or modern extension.


If you have a dark hallway, it’s essential that you allow some light to come in using glazing. If you have a period property, a stained-glass option will add character and decoration in keeping with the property style. Standard glass can be broken so it needs to be the right type of glass – usually double glazed and laminated.


The security of your home is extremely important when you choose a new front door. It should be robust and provide a high level of security given that it’s the most exposed point of your home along with your back door. Make sure it has multi point locks, a high-grade lock cylinder and high security hinges. Although you’ll save money by choosing a cheaper front door, it should also be built to last and withstand frequent usage.

A perfect fit

It’s essential that the door fits properly to avoid sticking or draughts. Make sure you have it measured professionally rather than measuring it yourself, especially if you have an older property.

Match the windows

If you have a period property with brand new, modern windows – a modern front door may well work. Try to match your front door to your windows.

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