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Bathrooms Sell Homes Posted: 3rd August 2016

When you’re getting ready to put your property on the market, you may think you have to make drastic changes to your property to capture the imagination of potential buyers. However, sometimes the smaller details can yield the largest return on investment. It is by now common knowledge that 3 things weigh the most in selling your home: curb appeal, kitchens and bathrooms. In the case of the latter, the number of bathrooms in a home has increased in importance – with adding an extra bathroom at the top of investments with great returns in a house, but also looks are equally important.

Buyers love the look of a fresh, clean bathroom that does not require much investment in the immediate future. It is afterall the room which bookends your day; the first place you go to when you wake up and hop in the shower in the morning, and the last when you brush your teeth before bed.

With this in mind, you should consider investing some time and effort in making sure your bathroom looks sharp and spotless before putting your property on the market.

The Lure of Colour 

The first thing to consider is the colour scheme. Are there any loud colours which distract from the ambience which a bathroom should exude? If so, consider employing a neutral colour scheme which the buyer can think of as a blank canvas, and will hark back to a stay in a luxury hotel or a relaxing spa. If you are fond of pops of colour, place a pretty hand towel or some colourful accessories and fresh flowers to liven up the place.

Make It Spick and Span

The bathroom is one of the areas in your home which is unforgiving to even the slightest amount of dirt. Spend an afternoon with some surface spray and lime scale, and get into all the nooks and crannies, ensuring that your bathroom looks spotless and presentable. Make sure you tidy up toiletries and declutter shelves to make the space look generous. And of course, the power of a beautiful fragrance makes an investment in a good quality home perfume well worth it.

The Dread of the Dripping Pipe

Additionally, the bathroom is another area of the house which needs upkeep in terms of appliances. Is there a slight drip on the tap or showerhead? Is the air conditioning fan still in good shape? These small details can stick in the minds of buyers and could come back to haunt you if you don’t take care of them before listing as they usually imply further expense to fix and update the bathroom on top of the cost of buying a home.

If you are looking into updating your bathroom, there are several local businesses in East Renfrewshire and surrounding areas which can help.

S&D Home Improvements in Clarkston have many years’ experience in installing and fitting high quality bathrooms in properties across Glasgow and Scotland. With no compromises on quality or craftsmanship, and years of experience, they can ensure that any upgrades will be completed to a high standard whether it’s technical advice on whether or not to replace a leaky faucet, or practical advice on how to create a more spacious bathroom.

Additionally, JRC Property Solutions in Ralston are specialists in bathroom renovations and can offer bespoke solutions to any problems or queries you may have.

C Hanlon in Spiersbridge, Thornliebank can also offer a one stop shop for any last minute changes you want to make to your bathroom before listing your property, and their experiences team can take the hassle out of any potential changes you wish to make.

Finally, Bath Store in Clarkston are experts on all things bathroom related so if there is anything you need to spruce up your bathroom, you’re sure to find it there.

Additionally, these shops provide consultation services, so have a chat and do your research before listing your property. You never know, if a buyer falls in love with your bathroom, it could make all the difference in a speedy home sale.

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