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10 Most Valuable Trees in UK Gardens – Is One of Them in Your Garden? Posted: 18th April 2019

You may not realise it, but the trees in your garden could actually be quite valuable! With well-kept gardens adding a potential 20% on your home’s value, it’s worth checking which varieties you have before you get carried away with the pruners! Certain varieties can be worth a lot, in effect turning your garden into a bit of a goldmine. Identify which varieties you have by looking at the shape, size, bark, leaves, fruit and flowers and if in any doubt consult a local gardener or garden centre for advice.

Chinese Magnolia (5m x 7m) – £8,500

A spectacular flowering tree, which you may have noticed more recently as the springtime sees it’s large lotus-shaped pink buds coming into flower, providing a gorgeous scent. It’s no wonder this tree is worth so much, being a showstopper in any garden.

Evergreen Yew, Oak or Portuguese Laurel topiary (2.5m) – £1,900

Popular in gardens of large stately homes, these varieties lend themselves to the art of topiary, being pruned and trimmed into various shapes, adding character and interest to your garden.

Flowering Cherries – multi-stem (5 – 6m) – £1800

Another springtime favourite, flowering cherry trees burst out into full-bloom at this time of year. Their delicate, pastel pink flowers only last a short while before being blown away, only adding to the special moment when they are in their glory.

Cut leaved Japanese Maple (3 – 3.5m) – £1,200

The vivid red leaves and ‘bonsai’ shape of the Japanese Maple are undeniably striking. The hand-like leaves on this variety are more delicate and spindly but when well looked after they can really thrive in the UK climate.

Evergreen Magnolia Grandiflora (5 – 5.5m) – £1,500

The contrast between the dark, leathery leaves and the huge white, lemon-scented flowers that this magnolia species gives come late summer provides a dramatic, sensory effect.

Chinese Windmill Palm – £1,200

Native to Asia, this species of palm has decorative fan shaped leaves and can be grown in the ground or kept smaller in pots.

Olive Tree – £500

Found in abundance in the Mediterranean sun, olive trees are actually well-suited to the UK too as they need three months a year of cold and frost in order to fruit. Their tall trunks and bushy, silver tinted leaves give any garden a touch of Greek or Italian romance.

Weeping Birch – £300

Like the Weeping Willow, the Weeping Birch is a dramatic focal point with it’s canopy structure and small, abundant leaves adding texture and drama when the wind blows through.

Slow-Growing Hedges – £200 a metre

Even a hedge gives your garden some value, especially slow-growing varieties which have taken a while to mature and grow. They are perfect for creating borders and privacy in a garden and so are desirable and practical.

Camellia – £120

Flowering in winter and spring, these shrubs are popular as they add colour with their white, red and pink rose-like flowers when little else is blooming.

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