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Off on Holiday? Keep Your Home Secure Posted: 26th July 2022

When we go away for a weekend or extended break it’s hard not to worry about the security of our homes. We have been so used to being at home over the last couple of years that the excitement of finally jetting off for some summer sun could lead us to overlooking some things that we can do to improve security.

There are so many smart home security devices that can help us keep an eye on our homes – from doorbells that alert us to someone at our door on our phone, to security cameras and smart lighting.

Research from Aviva shows that many people are making some home security mistakes but a few simple steps can help to deter burglars and keep homes secure. They sound like common sense, but many people are guilty of these security risks!

Leaving a key

One in 10 of us leave a key under the doormat or plant pot whilst on holiday. Make sure you leave a key with a neighbour you trust, family member or friend rather than hiding it somewhere.

Forgetting to lock windows

According to Aviva, nearly a quarter of us fail to lock windows and even doors before they leave. Triple check all doors and make sure windows are locked even if they are shut.

Leaving valuables in plain sight

Just under half of people surveyed make sure that their valuables are shut away out of view from prying eyes. Make sure you shut blinds, put valuables away including jewellery boxes, laptops, car keys, expensive gadgets, and devices.

Leaving sheds and garages unlocked

Just over 40% of people make sure that their shed or garage is locked up before going on holiday. With expensive bikes, lawnmowers, tools and golf clubs stored in these areas, it’s important to keep these locked.

Not putting garden furniture away

Less than 20% of us put our garden furniture away when we go on holiday. Garden furniture especially rattan and wood, is expensive and easily lifted. If you can, put these items away in your garage.

The average insurance claim is around £6,000 so make sure you don’t have a headache to come home to and keep your home and your items secure.

If you want to improve the security of your home, consider installing CCTV or a video doorbell – they not only enable you to watch your home whilst you are away and set movement alerts, but they also act as a deterrent. They can be linked to your phone easily and offer peace of mind. Smart plugs enable you to turn lights on and off giving the impression that someone is home and a good house alarm will alert your neighbours should someone try to break in.

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