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A Simple Guide to Downsizing Posted: 13th March 2018

According to the council website, in 2015 19.4 per cent of people living in East Renfrewshire were aged 65 or over, with the age group expecting to reach one quarter of the population by 2025.

If you have lived in the same property for many years, as well as lots of fond memories, it’s likely you have accumulated a lot of household clutter, goods and furniture that make the thought of moving a daunting task, particularly if looking to downsize to a smaller home.

It can be a hard decision to make, especially if it means parting ways with the home you raised your family or where you worked hard climbing the property ladder to reach. However, downsizing can make a lot of sense if the family have all flown the nest and you are planning out your retirement years. It can be a great financial decision (even allowing room in the budget for a holiday home abroad, perhaps?) as well as making home upkeep much easier. Take the property downsizing journey step by step and follow a few of our practical tips below to make the whole process much easier and less stressful – you’ll be wondering why you didn’t downsize sooner.

Make a list

When faced with any overwhelming task, a to-do list can work wonders to clarify exactly what needs done and when. It’s all about getting organised – you could start by writing down each room in your existing home in order to sort through items systematically, noting any small DIY jobs perhaps needing done before you put your property up for sale. Lists are also a useful way to identify what you want in a new property, including number of rooms, bathrooms, garage, garden etc. Putting pen to paper first will help keep you on track for an easier move.

Sorting & decluttering

As mentioned before, doing this room by room is a good rule of thumb, helping you to avoid chaos and stress whilst still living in your current home. There will be non-negotiable items, either due to practical necessity or sentimental value, but generally you need to be quite ruthless if downsizing to a smaller space. If you have a clear idea of how many rooms you will be moving to, this will obviously help you avoid keeping unnecessary items you won’t have space for. If something is beyond repair or hasn’t been used for years – ditch or find a new home for it. Family, friends, online or community listings can help you find a new home for items you no longer need, even earning you a bit of cash to put into your new place. You might also want to invest in new pieces and furniture for your new home too, so this could be an opportunity to freshen interiors up. Measure-up bigger items of furniture you plan to keep, making sure they will fit the floorplan and layout of your new home too.

Do the sums

Long term, downsizing can be a big cost saver, including lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs and even a smaller council tax bill. However, there are obviously initial costs to moving that should be factored in, including estate agency, solicitor, conveyancing and removals fees, and stamp duty on any purchase in excess of £125,000.

If you are thinking of downsizing in the East Renfrewshire area, contact our experienced and friendly team who would be delighted to get you on track.

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